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I'm Brittany. I'm a Registered Dietitian and BioScan MSA Practitioner. I help those struggling with nutrition related concerns by addressing their symptoms and optimizing their health through diet and lifestyle changes using science based + holistic health approaches.


A little bit about me:

have had the opportunity to work in several areas of nutrition as a Registered Dietitian including individual nutrition counselling, clinical nutrition within the hospital as well as with groups in the community.


Personally, I became interested in nutrition after recognizing the importance of fuelling my body properly while playing competitive sports from a young age. I eventually came to struggle with injuries, burnout, chronic fatigue and food intolerances. This led me to dive into another aspect of nutrition; discovering foods, nutrients, lifestyle changes and supplements that support the body in repairing itself.

I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge and information I've gained through both my personal and professional experience; we CAN positively impact physical, mental and emotional health.

I'm excited to offer a variety of services to help you feel your best through nutrition counselling or in personal BioScan MSA assessment. 

Check out the services tab for more information!

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