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The Guidance You Need

I offer one on one virtual nutrition counselling services. If you are looking for nutrition advice and guidance to help you feel your best or manage chronic conditions I'd be happy to work with you.  

I can connect with you via phone or video appointment for your convenience.  


A Healthier You

The BioScan MSA is a non-invasive, safe, and highly developed computerized software that scans the body using a handheld stylus to pinpoint what stressors may be impacting your health. This could be food, environmental sensitivities, common allergens or other stressors and imbalances.

We know stress is the leading cause of disease, so what exactly is stress? Stress happens when every day life is exceeding your adaptive capabilities.

Stress can result from overly demanding circumstances such as physical, emotional and/or mental strain. This can overload your ability to cope, which over time puts your overall health at risk and disrupts your quality of life. Targeted and personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes can help you get back into balance and feeling well again.

With the BioScan MSA, the goal is to pinpoint the root cause, then create a customized protocol to help you optimize your health. The appointment includes lifestyle advice based on your bio-individual findings with easy-to-read printed reports and handouts for reference.

This service is done through the Dartmouth Wellness Collective in-person. 


Options for everyone.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with a new chronic disease or dietary restriction and not sure where to start?

Wanting to make healthy meal choices but can't find the time or motivation?

Is there a specific dietary eating pattern you've been instructed to follow but need additional guidance?

Or just looking for some inspiration and new recipes to add to your collection?

I have options for you. I offer pre-made meal plans for your convenience right on the website as well as personalized meal planning options.

Hop on over to the Meal Planning and Packages page for more details.

If you have additional questions or wondering if I can meet your specific needs please don't hesitate to reach out.  I'd be happy to chat.


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